Meet the Photographer...                                                                                                                                Mikhail Degiorgio
Hi, my name is Mikhail, and I'm an experienced freelance photographer since 2015 and a photography enthusiast since I was a little boy.
Qualified with a Diploma in Professional Photography, I can assure you that life memories will be beautifully captured and preserved forever.
I love photography and being around people, so I can say this is my ideal work. Mikhail Degiorgio Photography © is a small owned business. I'm the only photographer, so I maintain absolute control over the quality of work that leaves my business. My priority is providing the highest-quality photos and personal service, rather than the unending expansion of my business. I support local businesses and charities with the donation of raffle and auction prizes. If you are involved in local fund-raising, let me know how I can help. People say I'm a fun, relaxed and efficient photographer and I pride myself on achieving beautiful and relaxed photos gently and unobtrusively. I believe people buy people, so before you decide to book my services, please give me a call so we can meet to see if I'm the right media services for you.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​